Don Blankenship, Running for United States Senate

If you are like me, I do not like anyone that puts monetary gain over the safety of the common man. When I saw that Don Blankenship is going to seek the seat of current Senior Senator Joe Manchin from West Virginia, I wanted to throw up.

For those of you who don’t know, Don Blankenship was a coal magnate who was the Chairman of the Massey Energy Company. This company at its prime in 2008 was the sixth largest coal company in the United States. And now you may be thinking, “This guy just seems like a regular business executive.” but you would be so, so wrong. Mr. Blankenship was responsible for one of the worst mining disasters in the history of West Virginia and in the United States. The Upper Big Branch Mine disaster happened in April of 2010 when a dust explosion took place in Raleigh County, West Virginia. The cause of the explosion was due to the failure to meet national regulations of mine requirements. This was later investigated and shown that it was the Massey Energy Company who did not keep the mine up to regulation because of costs. If we let this man become a Senator for the state that he let 29 West Virginians die in for more profit, then our state has a serious problem with judgement.

Now, Don Blankenship thankfully isn’t the only competitor for incumbent Joe Manchin, the state also has Evan Jenkins, a Republican U.S. Representative and current West Virginia Attorney General Patrick Morrisey. West Virginians will have plenty to choose from in the upcoming 2018 Midterm.


Vikings Complete an Epic Last Minute Drive to Seal the NFC Divisional Title

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After leading 17-0 at halftime, the Vikings had all but beat the explosive offensive team in the New Orleans Saints. Third string Quarterback Case Keenum had to put his whole heart and soul into the 2nd half since the Saints began to make a serious come back. At the end of the third quarter, New Orleans had started their comeback and took the lead with 3:01 left in the fourth.

In these last key minutes, the lead had changed four times resulting in the Vikings victory. At 1:29, Vikings kicker Kai Forbath made a field goal and then was countered by a Will Lutz field goal with 18 seconds left. It was time for the third string quarterback to make his mark on Vikings franchise history and win the Divisional game. After a miraculous catch by Stefon Diggs to reach the 40 yard line, it was time for one last play. Keenum took the ball and made his throw to Diggs for the second time in a row. A Saints defender missed the tackle and Diggs ran it in for the seal and what is now one of the best game-ending plays in the league after the merger in 1966. Skol chants took over the arena just as the Vikings ended it with a knee to win 29-23.

The Vikings take on NFC power Philadelphia Eagles in Philly for what has shaped up to be one of the best defensive games in a generation. The game starts at 6:40 and is covered by local Fox affiliates.