Review: Star Wars The Last Jedi

3 out of 5 stars

Before I begin, spoilers ahead! Last weekend I went to see the Last Jedi. We thought we needed to order tickets ahead of time, so just in case, we did for a Saturday night, 6:15 showing. All I could think about was watching one of my favorite series, yet again on the big screen. We arrived 10 minutes early expecting a rush, but we were pleasantly surprised to find little traffic in the lobby. We collected our snacks and entered the theater only to find countless empty seats. A few filled up as the previews progressed, but as the famous blue words hit the screen, many seats were reflecting them and not people. Possibly just a coincidence, or maybe something else, but regardless, this sad theater reflected on how I felt about the movie, rather disappointed. Now let’s begin with the movie as a whole. First we should address the fact that the writers played many of their cards in this movie. In other words, what’s next! Some may get giddy with excitement with this unknown feeling, but think back to other Star Wars movies. We knew what needed to be addressed in the next film based on what we learned in the current film. At the end here, if feels like we’re looking toward an entirely new trilogy and not just a new movie. Second is the pacing. Looking back, this movie felt almost like a season finale of Game of Thrones, which I absolutely love by the way. Characters with some plot development are cut off in the middle of the movie after refusing to even put up a fight. Two characters come to mind; Snoke and Phasma. I loved the prospect of Snoke being an almost Emperor-esk villain who makes up for the lack of “big picture” ideals Kylo Ren holds, and his power made him seem like he could be even harder to take down, yet still he’s defeated by what, a flick of a force wrist! And let’s not drop Phasma. She recieved well deserved hype, and fans thought she would do something with her life in this movie. Nope. She simply failed to executed two resistance fighters in time, and then proceeded to lose yet again! That brings me to Rose. I loved the actor who gave a great performance, but why? We had our cast and crew and the writers      decide to just throw another character into the story? She had decent development, I guess I just didn’t like her and that’s me. For Star Wars Fans, there were some positives. The Guards in Snoke’s death sequence put up a better fight than he did, which was pretty cool, and the Codebreaker’s acting was admirable, but it just didn’t stop certain plot holes from widening, as addressed earlier. On a lighter tone, let’s talk about the weapon designer city. Two alternate scenarios would have been perfect! One, the city could have been familiar, like Coruscant or Cloud City, and two, the codebreaker could/should have been Lando. Just think about it, “rolling at a high stakes table”, that’s Lando alright. Saying this won’t change the movie, but hopefully they will change the next one to justify what was given to us in The Force Awakens. In conclusion, I think the movie barley earned 3 stars, and nothing more.

Review: Star Wars Battlefront 2

4 out of 5 stars

With any epic movie franchise there is bound be a video-game. Although not the first to represent the epic series on gaming platforms, it is perhaps one of my favorites because of how strong it was at launch (aside from the microtransactions). The content is strong, and the heroes, I thought, were superb! Sadly things just weren’t balanced, and some characters who were major players in the films didn’t make it in. With many DLCs promised and the release of the Last Jedi DLC, I think this game has the potential to make it up to a 4.5 if it plays it’s cards right.


Review: College Magazine Shop

3 out of 5 stars

A few weeks ago a couple of my friends and I decided to have a Secret Santa. Reluctantly I drew, and I could not have been more pleased with the result. I drew a close friend of mine! After poking around online, I came across a very nice cat-themed blanket on Despite the price, I ordered, and to this day I will say the product satisfaction my friend experienced was through the roof. For that, I applaud College Magazine Shop. So why would I give them a 3 when the product deserves a 5? The delivery time. I don’t know if it’s simply that I’ve become accustom to fast delivery in this ever changing globalized world, or the time was just that slow. The product I ordered about a week or two in advance failed to get to my doorstep in time for the party. I know, I know, it’s my fault for ordering so late, but with high prices, and other companies catering to fast delivery, I would expect the package to hit my doorstep within a business week. So, faithful reader, would I recommend purchasing from this website? Well, if you get your holiday shopping done as soon as the final piece of turkey has been consumed, then yes, order away, but if you’re like me and can be quite slow on the holiday up-take, then I would advise buying from fast delivering companies, or even going to your local mall.